Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Wedding Day

14 May 2004


Princess Nathalie von Berleburg, prince Gustav von Berleburg, princess Alexandra von Berleburg & husband count Jefferson von Pfeil und Klein-Elgutt (now divorced).

Peter & Henriette Zobel.

Maersk McKinny Møller 

Rikke Brandt & her cousin, pregnant Ellen Hillingsøe.

Carriage ride through the streets of Copenhagen, heading for Amalienborg Palace.

Balcony scene at Amalienborg Palace.

Arrival at Fredensborg castle for the dinner and dance.

Group photo.

A large tent was set up for the dinner & speeches.

count Bendt Wedell & his fiancée, Pernille Korsbak Poulsen

                                                             Peter Heering

 Jane Stephens

Roger Moore

 Princess Alexandra's parents

Frederik & Mary opening the ball with the traditional Danish wedding valse. As they danced, the guests moved closer and closer towards them.

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