Monday, 8 July 2013

Festivities for Henrik's 70th birthday

10 June 2004

A day before his 70th birthday, prince Henrik was celebrated. It was also Henrik & Margrethe's 37th wedding anniversary.

In the afternoon there was a concert at Tivoli.

Mary wore a new dress by Prada.

At night there was a gala dinner at Fredensborg.

Mary wore a new gown by Prada.
Her new necklace was by Marianne Dulong.


11 June 2004

On his 70th birthday prince Henrik was woken up with the traditional 'morgensang' under his window at Fredensborg castle. Among the people singing were Frederik and Mary.

Mary wore a new cardigan by Prada.
She also wore new pink ear studs by Marianne Dulong.


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