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Around the time of their wedding (May 2004) Mary and Frederik moved into Kancellihuset (The Chancellery House), a large white building on Fredensborg estate.
It was built in 1731. At the time it was used to lodge politicians and high profile guests when they visited Fredensborg.

It used to be queen Ingrid's summer residence. She lived there until her death in 2000. It was renovated to house the young couple.

A look from the outside - the house has a pool and is situated in the fairytale like park of Fredensborg, where Mary does her jogging and riding.

A look at the interior:

The big drawing room as it was in 1987 when queen Ingrid lived there. The interior decoration has changed, but the room is still the same, obviously.

The Fredensborg estate also houses queen Margrethe and prince Henrik in spring and summer. They occupy the palace.

The first years after their wedding Mary and Frederik (and their first two children) lived at Fredensborg all year round. Once their Copenhagen residence (Frederik VIIIs Palae at Amalienborg) was completely renovated the family of 6 started switching between the countryside and the city as well.


  1. As an American who loves following this amazing Royal Family I am intrigued there is not any big comfy couches as this seems this young family is very "snuggly" ! Are there private rooms with family friendly furniture?

    1. I'm sure there are, but the royal family only shares their "royal" image with the public I guess... There exist no shared images of Mary & Frederik's private rooms.


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