Saturday, 13 July 2013

Wedding of Chris Meehan & Michaela Ward

19 June 2004

Fred & Mary attended the wedding of their Australian-Danish friends in Copenhagen.

Chris Meehan was Mary's boss at Belle Property. Before she worked for him they were already friends.
Danish Michaela Ward is a former champion sailor. Meehan is an avid sailor himself and he was already  in a relationship with Michaela Ward when Frederik and Mary's relationship was still unknown to the press.

The two couples often went sailing together when Fred visited Mary in Sydney.

Chris Meehan & Michaela Ward Meehan live in Australia and have 3 sons: Percy, ?? and Lukas.


  1. What a great blog about Mary!!
    Thanks for your hard work!

    Do you know when was this wedding they attended?

  2. You're welcome :-)

    It was 19 June 2004.


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