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Anja Camilla Alajdi

One of Mary's most important counsellors is her personal stylist: Anja Camilla Alajdi.

Mary started working with Alajdi at the very start of her time in Denmark - around 2002. When she became engaged to crown prince Frederik their collaboration intensified and it has never ceased.

Apart from advising on fashion choices for all of Mary's activities and arranging fittings with designers, Alajdi accompanies Mary to fashion shows and on shopping trips in Denmark and abroad. She has introduced Mary to other specialists in skin care, fashion, hair and make-up.
Alajdi also works closely on Mary's image in PR campaigns. She has succesfully guided Mary Donaldson from an average and quite unremarkable looking middle class woman to the stylish and well groomed crown princess of Denmark.

Being a member of Copenhagen's society, Anja Camilla quickly became one of Mary's friends.


In 2008, with Preben Kristensen

and with Søren Hedegaard

Anja Camilla Alajdi was born in 1972. She's the daughter of a Danish mother and a Morrocan father.

From her marriage to Ulf-Steen Neitzel she has two children: ?? and Otto (°2003).

She's now in a relationship with Steen Arnstrøm, a former bodyguard of crown prince Frederik.

She worked as a stylist for the TV show Linie 3. There she met actor Preben Kristensen, who introduced her to his partner, Mary's hairdresser Søren Hedegaard. It was Hedegaard who recommended Alajdi to Mary. When Mary became crown princess Alajdi's work increased and she gave up her job at Danish television.

Anja has also worked for women's magazine Alt for Damerne.

In 2007 Alajdi became a business partner in Marianne Dulong, thus part owning the jewellery brand that largely provides the crown princess of jewellery.

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