Sunday, 27 October 2013

Greek olympics: days 7-8-9

20-21-22 August 2004

During their second weekend at the Athens Olympics, Mary & Frederik went for a romantic outing on the Dannebrog, to celebrate their 4 years anniversary as a couple.

On Friday morning they flew from Athens to Valetta, on the Island of Malta, where they boarded the Danish royal yaght.

They sailed north of the Greek islands Zakinthos and Kefallania to the Gulf of Corinth.
In the morning they had breakfast watching the sunrise on deck.

Sunday night they were back in Greece, for a reception at restaurant Leonidas in Varibobi, about 20 kilometers from Athens.

Mary wore a new diamond brooch, that she received as a wedding gift from prince Henrik. It used to belong to his mother, countess Renée de Monpezat.

a closer look at the brooch (from another occasion):

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