Thursday, 31 October 2013

Greek olympics: extra

Extra pics of Mary & Frederik at the Athens olympics. At which event precisely ??

During their 16 day-stay  in Athens Mary & Frederik were at a Sports Illustrated party, where they met Brad Blanks.

According to Blanks:

"At the Athens Olympics I was at the Sports Illustrated Party. It was a fantastic party. A lady walked past who had a huge funny necklace on where I just threw out the random comment “great necklace”. It wasn’t really. It was quite terrible really. It started a great conversation though. She was from Tasmania, I’m from Cobram. Five minutes into the conversation the boyfriend came over. He was a Danish fella. I thought I’d better quickly make sure that I wasn’t chatting his Mrs up so made a solid effort at having a “befriending” conversation. His Tassie girlfriend slipped to the side and talked to other people as me and my new Danish buddy talked about the wild nights that his city of Copenhagen can put on. I was explaining my 2 week vacation there when I was a 22 year old backpacker. I was having the time of my life there meeting beautiful Danish ladies. We drank a couple of beers together while we had a great chat about life. At the end of our chat, we said our goodbyes and got a quick photo with my new best friends. After they walked away my two Aussie friends ran up to me and said “Do you know who that was?” “No” I replied. “That was Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark”. Where I replied, “Oh shit, some of the stuff I just told him wasn’t fit for a Prince”"

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