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Wedding of Count Bendt Wedell & Pernille Korsbak-Poulsen

11 September 2004

Mary and Frederik were among the guests at the wedding of count Bendt Wedell & Pernille Korsbak Poulsen at Husby church on the isle of Fyn.


Mary wore new diamond and aquamarine chandelier earrings, a gift from Frederik.

Mary's new gown was by Heartmade.

Among the guests were also queen Margrethe & prince Henrik, prince Joachim & princess Alexandra - they would anounce their divorce 5 days later.

Behind them you see baroness Caroline Fleming and her first husband Rory Fleming.

Count Bendt Wedell (°1975) is the second biggest private landowner in Denmark, and one of Denmark's richest men. He owns two estates: Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg. Bendt's mother is a close friend of queen Margrethe - he and Frederik have known each other all their lives. He's known to be a hunting buddy of Frederik and Joachim. Count Wedell is the director of Wefri, the Frijsenborg & Wedellsborg Farming and Forestry company.

The Frijsenborg estate is situated in Hammel Sogn on Østjylland. It has a magnificent castle.

The Wedellsborg estate on the isle of Fyn.

The couple live at Wedellsborg and own a mansion in Copenhagen where they spend much time.

Bendt & Pernille Wedell have two sons, Hannibal and Tido, and a daughter, Ingeborg. Bendt is godfather to princess Josephine. Crown prince Frederik is godfather to Ingeborg Wedell.

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