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On the cover of Australian Vogue

December 2004

The Australian December issue of fashion bible Vogue featured Mary on the cover and in a 14 page exclusive.

(dress by Hugo Boss)

It was an unexpected move, and unprecedented at Danish court. The well calculated project had full cooperation of court and of Mary's stylist Anja Camilla Alajdi. Preparation started 11 months beforehand, in November 2003.

In September 2004 the Vogue team flew to Denmark with a large array of designer clothes that Mary & Anja chose from. Editor-in-chief Kirstie Clements interviewed the new princess. The shoot took 3 days and was executed by New York-based photographer Regan Cameron at Amalienborg palace and Fredensborg palace. Mary's hair and make-up were arranged by her own hair and make-up artist, Søren Hedegaard.

(top, skirt and jacket by Chanel, leather boots by Hermès)

(dress and cape by Louis Vuitton)


(blue dress by Prada)

(black gown by and fur cape by Malene Birger, shoes by Miu Miu)
(white gown by Jean Paul Gauthier)

Most of these clothes were later seen again on Mary. It's not clear whether she bought them or received them from Vogue as part of the deal.

According to Clements: "We asked if the prince would come and he really changed the whole mood of the shoot. There was just such magic when they got together and she became really relaxed. We got this beautiful photo of the two of them together and after that everything was brilliant. They are . . . in love!"

Mary told the magazine: "Growing up, you always feel that you have to do something in order to deserve people's admiration and support. I don't really feel I've done so much. All I've done is say yes and love the person that I love", and "I've never really thought that much about fashion, I'm still developing my style."

She also said: "I have to believe that I wouldn't be here if I couldn't do this. But I'm a thinker, I won't say 'Yes' to one thing unless I know how it fits into the overall puzzle. There is a lot to weigh up, but my biggest hope is to be able to make a difference somewhere. It's a privilege to have this opportunity."

Asked about the biggest pressure in her new role, Mary said it was becoming a public person: "I've never been a person who craved the spotlight."

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