Tuesday, 25 March 2014

At Alison Donaldson's wedding

12 March 2005

After the official lap of their first Australia tour, Mary & Fred spent another week holidaying in Tasmania.

They attended the wedding of Mary's cousin, Alison Donaldson to Steve Emery at Swansea, on Tasmania's east coast.

About 40 guests were present at the quiet family affair, held at the farm owned by Alison's parents

John & Susan Donaldson, Patricia & Scott Bailey and Jane Stephens were also present.

The bride and groom before the ceremony started.

The bride at the start of the wedding ceremony.

Mary was seen with Brendan Johncock, the husband of one of her cousins. He was free in bail after he'd been charged with 16 counts of rape, 3 aggravated sexual assaults, indecent assault and stalking.

After a very succesful & glamorous tour, this caused some negative press for Mary.

Mary was in the first stage of her pregnancy with Christian. The news hadn't been made public yet.

12 years later, in November 2017, Mary's skirt was offered for sale at Habderdash.

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