Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Australia tour: day 14

10 March 2005

After the rather quick visit to Canberra, an even shorter visit to Melbourne took place.

At 9.30 o'clock Mary & Frederik arrived in Melbourne after flying by private jet from Canberra.

Half an hour later they had a private meeting at Government House with VGovernor John Landy and his wife. It lasted 50 minutes.

Mary wore a new coat by Hugo Boss.

At 11 o'clock the princely couple arrived at Federation Square with Steve Bracks and his wife Terry, to open the "Square Project" video link with Copenhagen's RĂ„dhuspladsen. Thousands had gathered to see the couple.


A 15-minute river trip to the Docklands followed.

At 12.30 o'clock Mr & Mrs Bracks hosted a state reception at Docklands' Sumac. Melbourne Lord Mayor John So and other dignitaries attended.

After having spent half a day in Melbourne, the couple left for Mary's home state of Tasmania at 14.30 o'clock. They arrived at 16 o'clock. A big crowd was waiting for them at Hobart airport.

This event in Melbourne was the last public outing of Mary's Prada belt. It was sold at Haberdash in December 2014.

At night there was a state dinner at Government House in Hobart.

Mary wore a new capelet by Heartmade.

Mary was in the first stage of her pregnancy with Christian. The news hadn't been made public yet.

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