Monday, 19 May 2014

Færøerne visit

In June 2005 Frederik & Mary -who was expecting Christian- made a 5-day official visit to the Faroe islands. They were accompanied by queen Margrethe II and prince Henrik.

Like Greenland, the Faroe are a self-governing autonomous region of Denmark. They are situated halfway between Norway and Iceland.

Unlike the love Frederik and Mary cherish for Greenland - they have often visited the country, both on official, charitable, sportive and private occasions, posed in Greenlandic traditional costume for their christmas cards and have given their twins Inuit names - they have so far never returned to the Faroe islands.

The Faroe have about the same population as Greenland (around 50.000) and hold a great natural beauty. The country however doesn't have the same economic interests as Greenland, think: gas and oil reserves.

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