Thursday, 28 August 2014

Lunch for the Norwegian Royals

7 November 2005

From the 6th untill the 8th of November the Norwegian King, queen and crown prince made an official visit to Denmark to celebrate the centennary of the Norwegian independance and monarchy. Untill 1905 Norway was part of a union with Sweden.

From 1532 to 1814 Norway had been under Danish rule.

Among the events the Norwegians attended was a luncheon at Fredensborg palace. Mary, who was still on unofficial maternity leave, took part as well.

She wore a new blouse and skirt by Prada.

Also present at the lunch were queen Margrethe, prince Henrik, prince Joachim and his ex wife Alexandra, countess of Fredriksborg, and princess Benedikte.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Memorial concert for queen Ingrid - extra labels

Memorial concert for queen Ingrid

6 November 2005

Crown prince Frederik & crown princess Mary attended the memorial concert for Frederik's grandmother, queen Ingrid of Denmark, who died 5 years earlier. It was held at Tivoli's concert hall, in Copenhagen.

This was Mary's first public outing after the birth of her son, 3 weeks earlier. It wasn't the start of going back to work though - that would be in January 2006, and only very gradually.

Mary wore a new Malene Birger dress and a new Prada coat.

They were accompanied by Mary's lady-in-waiting, countess Victoria Bernstorff and chief of court Per Thornit.

The other Danish royals present were: queen Margrethe, ex queen Anne-Marie of Greece, her son prince Nikolaos of Greece, princess Benedikte, her children prince Gustav von Berleburg and princess Alexandra von Berleburg + husband count Jefferson von Pfeil. Also prince Joachim and his ex wife, countess Alexandra Frederiksborg.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Christian in a mink carrier

2 November 2005

Frederik & Mary were spotted outside Kancellihuset with Christian, who was in mink fur carrier - a gift from Kopenhagen Fur.

They were walking from Chancellery House to Fredensborg palace to have lunch with queen Margrethe and prince Henrik.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Nanny #1: Mette Hansen

October 2005

Before Christian was born crown prince Frederik & crown princess Mary hired a nanny to help them with the baby. After the recommendation of Mary's obstetrician Morten Hedegaard they opted for Mette Hansen, a nurse wo worked at the Rigshospital in Copenhagen.

Mette Hansen was in her early thirties when she started working for the crown princely family in October 2005. She staid with them untill 2011 - so 6 years in total. She then went on to work for singer Nellie Ettison, a childhood friend of hers.

Mette is also a singer at the "Gentofte Gospel" group. In 2008 they participated in the TV talent show "Talent 2008". They stranded in the semi finals.
(Mette's the lady with the white hairband)

Mette Hansen has kept in touch with the royal family and occasionally still helps out.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Going home with Lilleprinsen + first official pictures

18 October 2005

After 5 days in hospital Mary and her baby went home. The departure was broadcast live on Danish TV.

Mary wore a new coat by Hugo Boss and an amethyst necklace, a gift from Frederik that had been bought in Australia (Mary had already worn it before this day).

At 14:30 the baby prince was seen for the first time when his parents walked through the hallway of Rigshospitalet - ready to depart for Fredensborg.

His name hadn't been anounced yet, and he was generally referred to as "the little prince". Everybody was fairly certain though that he would be called Christian.

Crown princess Mary answered questions from the press. She said: "I'm doing very well, but of course it was hard. I couldn't have done it without Frederik. Seeing your baby for the first time is just so wonderful."
Frederik added that the baby was going to meet their dog as well that day.

Asked what she would do when they got home Mary answered: "Change the diapers".


The arrival at Kancellihuset, their home:

That same day Steen Evald had a photoshoot at the home of the little family and the first official photos of the little prince and his parents were released.

Christian looks a bit jaundiced in them. A few days later he would be taken back to hospital for a few hours to be treated for this.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Birth of Christian

15 October 2005

Mary was admitted to Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen at 15:00 on Friday the 14th of October. Rumour spread quickly and a large group of journalists waited outside the hospital.

At 1:57 the next morning her son was born.

Mary had an epidural.

Per Thornit sent out a press realease, mentioning mother and son were doing fine, and that the boy measured 51 centimeters and weighed 3500 grams.

At about 7:20 in the morning crown prince Frederik talked to the press, saying: "You can't mentally prepare becoming a father, it's such a great joy. The birth went well. Mother and child were all right during the entire process. I cut the umbelical cord and shed a tear when the baby was born. You don't stand there like Superman. Mary was very brave. She's started to breastfeed the child, little by little. We'll take the time that's needed before leaving the hospital." He also told the journalists that they had time to pack and drove calmly to the hospital the day before.

During that Saturday the royal birth was all over the news, 21 gun saltes were fired, the Dannebrog was hoisted and bornfires were made to celebrate.

There were visits from queen Margrethe, prince Henrik, prince Joachim and Mary's father John Donaldson and his wife Susan Moody.

John Donaldson told the press that he'd changed the baby's nappy and that his daughter Mary had come through the birth well. "She's fine although obviously she's not feeling like running a marathon."

Among the visitors when Mary was in hospital were Otto Reedtz-Thott and his wife, Helle.

The new prince's name would only be made public 3 months later since Danish royals keep their child's name secret untill the christening. It was widely assumed though he would be called Christian, since all Danish kings are alternately called Frederik or Christian. Untill then he was called "lilleprinsen" in the press, "the little prince".

Christian got the titles "his royal highness prince of Denmark" and "count de Monpezat".

Friday, 22 August 2014

A walk in the park

13 October 2005

This was Mary's last sighting before she gave birth to Christian - labour would start the next afternoon.

The crown princess went for a walk in the park gardens of Fredensborg palace, accompanied by a bodyguard.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dinner with Australian friends

5 October 2005

Frederik & Mary had Australian friends over. The had dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Copenhagen. 

Mary would give birth to Christian 10 days later. She was obviously feeling fine - despite the false contractions earlier on, because it was she who drove the car.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Walking in Fredensborg park

28 September 2005

Frederik & Mary were seen walking their dog Ziggy around their garden, the park of Fredensborg palace.

Mary would give birth to Christian a little over two weeks later.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Early contractions

14 September 2005

Mary was admitted to the Rigshospital in Copenhagen with early contractions. Frederik was with her.

 After a few hours under observation the crown princess was discharged and went home again.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Suicide Prevention Day

10 September 2005

As patron of PsykiatriFonden crown princess Mary opened a day of conferences dedicated to World Suicide Prevention Day, at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

She was accompanied by her lady-in-waiting, countess Victoria Bernstorff-Gyldensteen.

This was Mary's last official activity before the birth of her first child, 5 weeks later.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Hans Knudsen Instituttet

7 September 2005

Crown princess Mary visited a new workshop building of the Hans Knudsen Institute that helps people with physical, mental or other challenges to learn a profession and find a job.

Mary was offered a pair a "home made" baby boots - for obvious reasons.

Lady-in-waiting Victoria Bernstorff-Gyldensteen was present too.

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