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Birth of Christian

15 October 2005

Mary was admitted to Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen at 15:00 on Friday the 14th of October. Rumour spread quickly and a large group of journalists waited outside the hospital.

At 1:57 the next morning her son was born.

Mary had an epidural.

Per Thornit sent out a press realease, mentioning mother and son were doing fine, and that the boy measured 51 centimeters and weighed 3500 grams.

At about 7:20 in the morning crown prince Frederik talked to the press, saying: "You can't mentally prepare becoming a father, it's such a great joy. The birth went well. Mother and child were all right during the entire process. I cut the umbelical cord and shed a tear when the baby was born. You don't stand there like Superman. Mary was very brave. She's started to breastfeed the child, little by little. We'll take the time that's needed before leaving the hospital." He also told the journalists that they had time to pack and drove calmly to the hospital the day before.

During that Saturday the royal birth was all over the news, 21 gun saltes were fired, the Dannebrog was hoisted and bornfires were made to celebrate.

There were visits from queen Margrethe, prince Henrik, prince Joachim and Mary's father John Donaldson and his wife Susan Moody.

John Donaldson told the press that he'd changed the baby's nappy and that his daughter Mary had come through the birth well. "She's fine although obviously she's not feeling like running a marathon."

Among the visitors when Mary was in hospital were Otto Reedtz-Thott and his wife, Helle.

The new prince's name would only be made public 3 months later since Danish royals keep their child's name secret untill the christening. It was widely assumed though he would be called Christian, since all Danish kings are alternately called Frederik or Christian. Untill then he was called "lilleprinsen" in the press, "the little prince".

Christian got the titles "his royal highness prince of Denmark" and "count de Monpezat".

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