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Going home with Lilleprinsen + first official pictures

18 October 2005

After 5 days in hospital Mary and her baby went home. The departure was broadcast live on Danish TV.

Mary wore a new coat by Hugo Boss and an amethyst necklace, a gift from Frederik that had been bought in Australia (Mary had already worn it before this day).

At 14:30 the baby prince was seen for the first time when his parents walked through the hallway of Rigshospitalet - ready to depart for Fredensborg.

His name hadn't been anounced yet, and he was generally referred to as "the little prince". Everybody was fairly certain though that he would be called Christian.

Crown princess Mary answered questions from the press. She said: "I'm doing very well, but of course it was hard. I couldn't have done it without Frederik. Seeing your baby for the first time is just so wonderful."
Frederik added that the baby was going to meet their dog as well that day.

Asked what she would do when they got home Mary answered: "Change the diapers".


The arrival at Kancellihuset, their home:

That same day Steen Evald had a photoshoot at the home of the little family and the first official photos of the little prince and his parents were released.

Christian looks a bit jaundiced in them. A few days later he would be taken back to hospital for a few hours to be treated for this.

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