Monday, 25 August 2014

Nanny #1: Mette Hansen

October 2005

Before Christian was born crown prince Frederik & crown princess Mary hired a nanny to help them with the baby. After the recommendation of Mary's obstetrician Morten Hedegaard they opted for Mette Hansen, a nurse wo worked at the Rigshospital in Copenhagen.

Mette Hansen was in her early thirties when she started working for the crown princely family in October 2005. She staid with them untill 2011 - so 6 years in total. She then went on to work for singer Nellie Ettison, a childhood friend of hers.

Mette is also a singer at the "Gentofte Gospel" group. In 2008 they participated in the TV talent show "Talent 2008". They stranded in the semi finals.
(Mette's the lady with the white hairband)

Mette Hansen has kept in touch with the royal family and occasionally still helps out.

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