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Caroline Heering

8 March 2006

Communications chef Lis M. Fredriksen anounced that crown princess Mary would be working with a new lady-in-waiting starting from May 2006.

Countess Victoria Bernstorff-Gyldensteen, who had been accompanying Mary for 2 years, would be replaced by Mary's close friend Caroline Heering.

 Caroline & Peeter Heering at Mary & Frederik's wedding, 2004

Caroline would stay in this function for nearly 2 years. From 2007 to 2010 she would combine it with a new function as Mary's private secretary.

From 2010 untill 2014 she would dedicate herself to the Mary Foundation. She was Mary's official adviser in the Foundation.

In 2014 she officially took leave of her function at Maryfonden. She's still one of Mary's closest friends, and remains a board member of Mary Fonden.

Caroline Heering was born as Caroline Elisabeth Kjær in 1973 in one of Denmark's top notch families. Her father is Erik Wilhelm Kjær. Her mother, Helle Kirsten Flamand remarried in 1987 with count Ivar Frederik Moltke, who died of cancer barely a year later. Helle was pregnant when her second husband passed away while they were in Sydney.

Caroline later changed her name to Caroline Flamand. After her marriage it became Caroline Heering.

Helle Moltke acted as a "kammerdame" to queen Margrethe, so Caroline has always been acquainted with Danish court.

Caroline wearing the Heering family tiara

With her mother, Helle Moltke

Caroline has a sister, Marie Louise Flamand who's married to photographer Marc Høm,  and a half brother, Joachim Moltke - who will inherit his late father's estate.

With her sister, Marie Louise Høm

Jomfruens Egede, the rural estate that will belong to Joachim Moltke, and is now still officially managed by Helle Moltke

Caroline grew up at Lystrup manor, where she would later also host Mary's hen night.


Peter Heering + girlfriend Caroline Flamand & Frederik + then girlfriend Maria Montell in Cahors

Caroline has a Masters Degree in Business from Copenhagen University. From 1999 to 2006 she worked as a manager for Unilever. 

She married Peter Heering, one of crown prince Frederik's best friends. The couple have two daughters: Emilie (°2002) and Rosemarie (°2005). Peter is godfather to princess Isabella and Caroline is godmother to prince Vincent. Crown prince Frederik in turn is godfather to Rosemarie Heering.

                                               Wedding day of Peter & Caroline Heering

The family lives in Hellerup, Copenhagen. They also own a holiday house in Blokhus on the Danish coast.

Emilie Heering in 2014, age 12

Emilie at Julie Fagerholt's store in Copenhagen, 2014

Caroline is part of Mary's closest circle of Danish friends, who've been there for her from her early days in Denmark, circa 2002

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