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Visit to Schleswig-Holstein: day two, Kiel

18 February 2006

At 8:00 the Danish delegation moved from Hamburg to Kiel, the capital of the Schleswig-Holstein region. They stopped at the Kieler Kaufmann Hotel with Christian, so he could be breastfed by Mary.

At around 11:00 the crown princely couple arrived in a limousine at the Kiel Kunsthalle to visit a Danish art expo with PM Carstensen.

Mary carried a new Prada purse. Her new suit and shirt were by Strenesse.

At noon the prince & princess had lunch with regional prime minister Peter Harry Carstensen. Mary went to breastfeed Christian who had been brought to the Waldschlösschen Hotel in Schleswig.

At 14:45 Mary & Frederik were shown the Valdemar wall at the Danewerke, a Danish fortification system that used to be the border between Denmark and Germany.

Last stop of the day was the Gottorf castle, where the couple was shown the famous globes and a reception was held, in the company of 60 Danes living in this German region.

After their official 2 day visit to the Schleswig-Holstein region Frederik, Mary and Christian left for Verbier, Switzerland, to go skiing with friends.

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