Friday, 27 February 2015

Presentation of Julemærker

30 October 2006

Crown princess Mary was present for the presentation of the new Christmas seals - one of her patronages. The event took place at restaurant Grøften in Tivoli, Copenhagen.

The crown princess was accompanied by her lady-in-waiting, Caroline Heering.

Mary's second pregnancy had been anounced 4 days earlier.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

50th anniversary of Hungary's liberation

28 October 2006

As patron of Dansk Flygtningehjælp crown princess Mary attended a gala evening at Koncerthuset for the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Hungary. She was accompanied by her lady-in-waiting, Caroline Heering.


Mary wore a new dress by Hugo Boss.

This was Mary's first public appearance after the anouncement of her second pregnancy two days earlier. Mary replied the shouting photographers she was happy and feeling well. Asked wether it would be a boy or a girl she said she hoped for a healthy baby.


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mary, kronprinsesse med stil

26 October 2006

On the day Mary's second pregnancy was anounced a new book was available in the shops.

"Mary, kronprinsesse med stil" was written by Jim Lyngvild and Jan Körner.

The picture book tells the somewhat romanticized tale of Mary's transformation from Australian working girl to Danish crown princess, focusing on her succesful makeover.

Apart from info on the designers of Mary's wardrobe there are short interviews with Mary's hairdresser Søren Hedegaard and her personal stylist Anja Camilla Alajdi - two of the most important people in shaping Mary's succesful image.

Søren Hedegaard says:

"The crown princess is incredibly beautiful and has great hair to work with. It is fairly thick and waves easily. With such basics it isn't difficult to make her shine.

Our cooperation is fundamentally the same as with any other customer, except that I work closely together with the crown princess's stylist, to match the makeup and hairdo with the clothes. Other than that, it's the situation which determines the hairdo. For example if there has to be jewellery in her hair, then I have a certain working method, or when the crown princess wears a hat. The next step is to make the hairdo complement the clothes. I make my suggestions and then the crown princess agrees or makes some alterations. Sometimes I sketch my idea on a piece of paper, but often time is short. On a day with official duties, there may be several events. Then it's always me who plans the hairdos. I make a sequence, beginning with an everyday hairdo and building up during the day and the evening - like for a gala dinner. The time to do the crown princess's hair varies a lot, but it can easily take 2 hours depending on the hairdo and the jewellery. For smaller arrangements I am not alwayq involved. I have taught the princess some little tricks for those occasions, which make it easy to reach a certain look quickly. 

Just like the crown princess's stylist I work a lot with fashion, so I know what's in. In this way, we both make sure, that the crown princess's style doesn't look too old fashioned or boring. I try to reflect her classic and simple clothing style in her hairdos, at the same time adding a touch of "now" and emphasizing her status of crown princess."

About Anja Camilla Alajdi's work with Mary:

" Mary's stylist has a morning meeting with Mary and her chambermaid at least once a week. They discuss the upcoming events. Combinations are created and planned for the whole week. Each season the stylist selects clothes that Mary can try on. What she likes stays and the other garments are returned to the shops. The styling for big events and foreign trips is planned many weeks in advance."

In 2008 the book was translated to English and published in Australia where it is called "Mary. Princess of style".

Anouncement of Mary's second pregnancy

26 October 2006

Danish court officially informed the media and public about Mary's second pregnancy. Chief of court Per Thornit issued this statement.

Press had been speculating about a possible pregnancy for weeks. Mary had been wearing clothes she also wore during her first pregnancy and she'd been looking indisposed during the reburial of empress Maria Feodorovna in Russia.

Mary's pregnancy was not the only one in the royal spectre, since her colleagues princess Máxima of Holland and princess Letizia of Spain were also expecting.

The Danish pregnancy was also news in Australia:

International Nursing Conference

26 October 2006

At 9:15 crown princess Mary arrived at at the Mariott Hotel of Copenhagen accompanied by her lady-in-waiting, Caroline Heering to attend an international nursing conference hosted by by the Deakin University's School of Nursing and the Viborg School of Nursing.

Mary wore a new necklace by Marianne Dulong.

Mary was in the first stage of her pregnancy with Isabella. The news would be officially anounced by Danish court after this activity.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Gala dinner for the government

25 October 2006

At 20:00 the Danish royal family hosted a gala dinner for the members of government at Christiansborg castle.


Mary's lady-in-waiting, Caroline Heering was also present, wearing her family heirloom tiara.

Also present: master of ceremonies Christian Eugen-Olsen.


A day later court officially anounced Mary's second pregnancy.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Kopenhagen Studio

17 October 2006

Crown princess Mary visted the new "Kopenhagen Studio", a design and inspiration centre for fur fashion and fur applications.

Mary was in the first stage of her pregnancy with Isabella. The next time she appeared in public - a week later - would be the day the news was officially anounced.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Christian's first birthday

15 October 2006

Frederik & Mary released a series of new pictures on the day of their son's first birthday.

The photos were taken by Steen Brogaard inside Kancellihuset and in the gardens of Fredensborg palace.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Anker Fjord Hospice

12 October 2006

At 14:00 crown princess Mary inaugurated the new Anker Fjord Hospice for terminally ill persons, in Hvide Sande. She was accompanied by her lady-in-waiting, Caroline Heering.

Several hundreds were waiting for Mary outside the hospice.

The hospice is run by Kræftens Bekæmpelse, one of Mary's patronages.

After official speeches the crown princess visited the rooms and some of the patients.

Mary was in the first stage of her pregnancy with Isabella. The news hadn't been made public yet, it would be anounced 2 weeks later.

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