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Trip to Australia: day 8 + Nineteenth patronage

29 November 2006

After having flown to Melbourne two days earlier, pregnant crown princess Mary was seen making a 2 hour visit to the Aspendale Gardens Primary School to get acquainted with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and their "Better Buddies Program", a new patronage of hers she would later use in the anti bullying campaign of her own Mary Fonden.

Mary wore a new dress by DAY, Birger et Mikkelsen.

After the visit she had lunch with Frederik at Bluetrain, an eatery she'd frequented when she was working in Melbourne. They both had a salad, with tap water and a coffee.

Afterwards they went shopping.

Trip to Australia: day 6

27 November 2006

After having spent 5 days in Hobart, pregnant Mary, Frederik and Christian took a flight to Melbourne.

Nanny Mette Hansen helped to carry the suitcases.

In Melbourne the family staid at the 5 star Como Hotel.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Trip to Australia: day 4 - extra labels

Trip to Australia: day 4

25 November 2006

Pregnant Mary, her sister Patricia, her father John and 2 of her nieces were again spotted at Salamanca market in Hobart on Saturday morning.

Mary also brought Christian and his nanny Mette Hansen along.

Mary was seen buying a clutch by Henk Berg. She would use it frequently in the years to come - also for public engagements.

She also visited her friend Simone Wolf, who has a daughter, Jess, the same age as Christian. Mary and Simone posed with each other's baby.

Simone is a close friend of Mary's. Simone and Mary attended primary school and high school together and then went on to study law at the University of Tasmania. Simone was also present in Denmark 2,5 years earlier for Mary's wedding: At Mary's wedding

Simone in 2012:

Trip to Australia: day 3

24 November 2006

In the morning Mary and Christian accompanied Jane when she dropped off her children at their primary school in West Hobart.

A scheduled press meeting & photo moment took place in the afternoon at Bonorong Wildlife Park in Hobart.


Trip to Australia: day 2

23 November

Pregnant Mary spent a large part of the day relaxing with the rest of the family at her sister Jane's West Hobart home.

In the late afternoon Mary and her sisters, Frederik and Christian were seen shopping at Salamanca Place in Hobart.

Mary wore a new jacket, T shirt and bracelet, all by Heartmade.

Mary also bought items at Handmark Gallery, that sells Tasmanian art and jewellery.

Just like the previous day, Frederik told journalists to leave them alone since there would be a photo opportunity the following day.

When asked by a paprazzo wether she'd been shopping, Mary sarcastically replied "No".

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Trip to Australia: day 1

22 November 2006

Pregnant Mary, Frederik and 13 month old Christian spent a two week holiday in Australia.

Frederik had arrived a day earlier and came to pick up Mary and Christian at Hobart Airport.

The family was accompanied by nanny Mette Hansen. Throughout the holiday they would also be accompanied by bodyguards.


While in Hobart, Mary and her young family staid at her sister Jane's home.

Paparazzi and reporters had gathered at the house. While Mary met up with her family, Frederik and Jane had gone grocery shopping in a local deli. Frederik was visibly annoyed by the presence of paparazzi and told them to go away since there would be a press moment 2 days later.

Their trip had been anounced by court a few months earlier but contained no official engagements.

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An Australian Rose

21 November 2006

Jane Stephens and Patricia Bailey represented their sister, crown princess Mary who had the honour of having a newly developed rose named after her in Hobart (Tasmania), Australia.

Pregnant Mary would land in Australia a day later for a 2 week private holiday with Frederik and Christian. Mary's sisters and their husbands had taken two weeks off from work, and Patricia said that their brother, John, would also come to Tasmania from his home Cairns (Queensland) together with his wife and their two children.

Patricia: “I haven’t seen Christian since the baptism and back then he was so very tiny. But I think that my children are even more excited. Michael is now 12, Madisson 11 and little Mollie is 4 years old. The two eldest will probably fight about holding him”, she said.

Jane & Patricia were accompanied by their husbands, Craig Stephens and Scott Bailey, and by Mary's aunt & uncle: Roy Donaldson and husband John Pugh.

Jane told the press $1 from every sold rose would be donated to the Tasmanian branch of the Australian Heart Foundation, at Mary's request. Princess Mary's mother died of a heart condition. Jane: “Mother loved roses and had many in her garden. Yesterday it was nine years ago that she died, but roses will always remind us of her. Through the roses she is still with us, and not a day goes by without us thinking about her”.

Pharmacist Jane added she had planted the rose in her Hobart garden as a special memory of their mother. "I do encourage people to have a look at the rose and hopefully buy one and pop it into their garden and think of not so much Crown Princess Mary, but what they can do to help their health and to look after themselves a wee bit better," she said.

Mrs Stephens laughed when asked if it was strange for a rose to be named after her sister. "No, no," she said. "Not any more. A year ago yes, but not now."

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Red Barnets Børnepris

20 November 2006

Pregnant crown princess Mary handed out the Childrens Rights Award for Red Barnet in Copenhagen to psycholgist Kirsten Ørgaard, for her work with children in Greenland.

Mary was accompanied by her lady-in-waiting, Caroline Heering.

In her speech about Mrs Ørgaard and Mælkebøtte - a shelter for the children of alcoholics - in Nuuk, Mary said: "One of the first plants I got to know in my new homeland, was the mælkebøtte ("dandelion"). It was everywhere. Pretty, wonderful and capable of surviving even in the most deserted and rough places. The same goes for "Mælkebøtten" in Nuuk. But without Kirsten "Mælkebøtte" woudn't have been able to take root in Nuuk".

Mary wore a new coat by Malene Birger, that would also be worn 7 years later by the duchess of Cambridge, pregnant with George Windsor.

This was Mary's last event before leaving with Christian for a two week holiday in Australia. Frederik had already left.

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WHO message on obesity

15 November 2006

As patron of the European WHO branch in Copenhagen, crown princess Mary recorded an English video message on obesity and a healthy lifestyle that was shown at the "WHO Conference Counteracting Obesity" in Istanbul, Turkey. Mary was not present at the conference.

The video was later also broadcast on Danish channel TV2.

The message was recorded at Mary's home, Kancellihuset in Fredensborg.

Mary was 4 months pregnant with Isabella.

Mary's speech:

Honourable Ministers, EU Commissioner, Regional Director, distinguished guests, I am delighted to have this opportunity to say a few words on the occasion of the World Health Organization European Ministerial Conference on Counteracting Obesity.

In my capacity as patron of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, part of my role is to generate greater public awareness about how important physical activity and a balanced diet is to our health and wellbeing, and the fundamental role these two factors have in combating obesity. 

There is no doubt that obesity is one of the greatest public health challenges facing the WHO European Region today. I find it particularly alarming that about 20% of children are currently overweight. If we do not take action now, it is projected that one in ten will be obese by 2010. It is vital that we ensure that the environment in which our children grow up supports their health. Fundamentally, that means making healthy food more available and giving children the space and opportunities to be physically active.

As a parent, I want to make sure that my son receives the best nutritional start in life as possible. When Prince Christian was born, I was fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed, and as he grows, I am keen to encourage his natural curiosity for different tastes by building on the good start through a healthy, varied diet. I would like to see that when the time comes, that the school he will attend encourages healthy, nutritious food and drinks and plenty of opportunity for physical activity. I hope this good start will leave a lasting imprint, and establish healthy habits for a lifetime. As patron of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, I am aware that many people in the Region face considerable challenges in building this healthy nutritional base for their children.

Our increasingly busy lives mean that we rely more and more on energy and time-saving technology. The majority of us are not active enough, and levels of physical activity continue to fall. Yet small changes – cycling to work, taking the stairs, walking to the shops, playing actively instead of watching television - can make a big difference. The gains are considerable if, as recent research indicates, daily moderate physical activity can extend a person’s life by several years. Adapting the environment in which people live to enable them to be more active also has so many other benefits beyond the health of individuals. The next ‘Move for Health Day’ in May 2007 will be an important day to further increase the focus on physical activity.

My work, as patron for a charitable organization for children in Denmark, the Christmas Seal Foundation, has shown me first hand how strongly children’s health is influenced by their surroundings, and when they are struggling, how simple interventions can put them back on track. During a 10 week stay at one of the Foundation’s homes, children learn about healthy eating and how important, and fun, physical activity can be. This offers them a chance to change unhealthy habits in a secure, positive environment, surrounded by others with similar experiences. Just as important, is working with the children to find their happiness and self confidence again, which will give them the requisite tools to stay on the right track. 

There are so many good examples of projects and programmes throughout the WHO European Region addressing the issue of obesity. I have found the number of activities submitted for the Counteracting Obesity Award, and the wealth of experience and ideas they bring, truly inspiring. I would therefore like to give special acknowledgement to all those who took part, and warmly congratulate those who have been selected to receive an award.

It is heartening that a problem such as obesity, that crosses so many parts of society, has brought so many different groups together in Istanbul, groups committed to finding appropriate and effective solutions. The Conference is an important step towards counteracting obesity, and I hope it will provide you with the knowledge and necessary support for the journey ahead. May your discussions be productive, and resolutions strong. I look forward to following your discussions and decisions with great interest.

Good luck and thank you. 

Anders Lassen Fonden

9 November 2006

Crown prince Frederik and crown princess Mary attended a dinner at the Phoenix Hotel in Copenhagen for the 10th anniversary of the Anders Lassen  Foundation, one of Frederik's patronages.

The Foundation rewards exceptional military efforts and supports wounded soldiers.

There were 60 other guests, among them also chief-of-court Per Thornit.

The crown princess wore a new blouse by Prada.

Mary was pregnant with Isabella.

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Kræftens Bekæmpelse Conference

14 November 2006

Crown princess Mary was present at the Cancer Society conference "Små børn - små sørger?" in Copenhagen on the grief of children who are faced with disease and death.

The conference lasted from 9:00 to 16:00. Mary was present from 10:00 to 12:00. She was accompanied by Caroline Heering, her lady-in-waiting.

Mary was pregnant with Isabella.

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