Tuesday, 24 March 2015

An Australian Rose

21 November 2006

Jane Stephens and Patricia Bailey represented their sister, crown princess Mary who had the honour of having a newly developed rose named after her in Hobart (Tasmania), Australia.

Pregnant Mary would land in Australia a day later for a 2 week private holiday with Frederik and Christian. Mary's sisters and their husbands had taken two weeks off from work, and Patricia said that their brother, John, would also come to Tasmania from his home Cairns (Queensland) together with his wife and their two children.

Patricia: “I haven’t seen Christian since the baptism and back then he was so very tiny. But I think that my children are even more excited. Michael is now 12, Madisson 11 and little Mollie is 4 years old. The two eldest will probably fight about holding him”, she said.

Jane & Patricia were accompanied by their husbands, Craig Stephens and Scott Bailey, and by Mary's aunt & uncle: Roy Donaldson and husband John Pugh.

Jane told the press $1 from every sold rose would be donated to the Tasmanian branch of the Australian Heart Foundation, at Mary's request. Princess Mary's mother died of a heart condition. Jane: “Mother loved roses and had many in her garden. Yesterday it was nine years ago that she died, but roses will always remind us of her. Through the roses she is still with us, and not a day goes by without us thinking about her”.

Pharmacist Jane added she had planted the rose in her Hobart garden as a special memory of their mother. "I do encourage people to have a look at the rose and hopefully buy one and pop it into their garden and think of not so much Crown Princess Mary, but what they can do to help their health and to look after themselves a wee bit better," she said.

Mrs Stephens laughed when asked if it was strange for a rose to be named after her sister. "No, no," she said. "Not any more. A year ago yes, but not now."

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