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1st February 2007

Six month pregnant crown princess Mary launched the new anti-bullying campaign of Save the Children Denmark at "Humlebien" Kindergarten in Hellerup. The project was based on the Australian "Better Buddies" school campaign, developed by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

(Translated) parts of Mary's speech: 

"It was a pleasure to bear witness the friendship between big and small children which was visible when they were working together on a project together. I was also impressed by their answers to my many questions. Their responses weren't learned by rote. This was very clear when I asked, for instance, "What is tolerance?" The kids formulated their own interpretations. I asked a 5-year-old girl 'What does empathy mean?", which is a fairly difficult question, I thought, for a kid of that age. Her answer was "If I see someone fall down in the school yard, then I will go over to them and ask if they are okay and if I can help". I asked another one, what 'acceptance' means, and the answer was, that it is important to understand, that we are all different, and that this makes life more interesting."

"My role as international sponsor for the Alannah and Madeline Foundation was made public in October 2005. I said 'yes' to the task because I would like to support their goal and becuase I was impressed by their postive achievements.
For this reason it was natural for me to think of Denmark, and whether the many good ideas and tools against bullying developed by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation could be used here.
I talked to Red Barnet [Save the Children], who were ready immediately to take on the idea and modify and use the experiences from Australia to help to prevent bullying in Denmark.
The contact was created between Red Barnet and the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. Red Barnet created a steering commitee to help start the program, which involved modifying and developing the Australian program to suit Danish conditions. I have been a member of this commitee, which has existed for almost a year. "

"As a mother I am obviously engaged in the subject. I can't bear the thought that my son would be exposed to bullying or would bully others. We all have a responsibility as parents and teachers to teach our children to create communities - and to make the children's lives 'free of bullying'."

"I am looking forward to keeping track of the work to prevent bullying in kindergarten, and it is my hope that the project will spread out to other kindergartens and in schools all over the country, and who knows - perhaps to other countries as well."

Mary had visited the Australian project at the Aspendale Garden Primary School in Melbourne 2 months earlier, during her holidays: http://maryfromthestart.blogspot.be/2015/03/trip-to-australia-day-8-patronage-nr.html

It was at this kindergarten, "Humlebien" in Hellerup that Mary & Frederik sent their twins from September 2011 when they were 8 months old.

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