Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A glimpse of Mary

7 May 2007

Two weeks after having left hospital with her baby daughter, Mary was spotted by photographers outside her home in Fredensborg.

She joined Christian who wanted to see a truck that was hauling one of prince Henrik's oldtimers. Also with them was Mary's sister Jane.

Jane Stephens stayed with Mary & Frederik for several weeks, like she had done at the time of Christian's birth. Early June she was joined by her husband Craig and their 3 children.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Taking Isabella home

23 April 2007

Two days after having given birth, crown princess Mary left the hospital with her daughter.

At 11:00 the crown princely couple showed their baby daughter to the press. They were accompanied by Per Thornit, Lis M. Frederiksen and Caroline Heering, Mary's lady-in-waiting.

Mary wore a new tunica by Malene Birger, and new gold and diamond "Kharisma" earrings by Marianne Dulong (shop value: 2.900 euro).

(Here Marianne Dulong & Anja Camilla Alajdi talk about their Kharisma collection:

Mary said the baby had been very good to her mother. She breastfeeds the baby. Christian had been very brotherly with her and had showed some boyish love. The birth went well but it's never easy. They didn't know beforehand it would be a girl. Christian calls his sister "baby" and for the time being Mary & Frederik call her " lille pige", or little girl.

Mary also hinted the couple wanted more children in the years to come. 

In the lobby and outside the hospital about 2.000 Danes were waiting to catch a glimpse of the new princess.

When they arrived at Kancellihuset in Fredensborg, some more photos were made with Christian.

Although Mary would only resume her official activities 4 months later, pictures of her would regularly appear in the press in the months to come: paparazzi shots of private activities with family and friends, and official photos of the new princess kept the public "up to date".

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Visitors for Isabella

22 April 2007

A day after she was born, the new Danish princess received more visits.

Early in the morning, Mary's friend and lady-in-waiting Caroline Heering came by for the second time.


Peter Warnøe and his daughters Bjørk and Barbara also visited.

Christian and Elisabeth von Buchwald brought their teenage children Ida, Andreas and Anna and along. Christian von Buchwald would be one of Isabella's godfathers. Christian von Buchwald works as an ear-nose-throatdoctor at the Rigshospital. As a student he became Frederik's private tennis coach.

At noon Frederik drove Christian and his father-in-law back to Fredensborg.

Baron Otto and baroness Helle Reedtz-Thott brought red and white tulips from the Gavnø castle grounds.

Julie Mølsgaard also dropped by.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Birth of Isabella

21st April 2007

At 10:00 in the morning of Saturday the 21st of April Mary was driven from Kancellihuset in Fredensborg to Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

At 16:02 the crown princess gave birth to a girl of 50 centimeters and 3.350 grams. Per Thornit sent out a statement, also mentioning mother and daughter were doing fine.

She was given the titles "princess of Denmark" and "comtesse de Monpezat". Her name would only be anounced 3 months later, at her christening. Untill then she was called "lillepige" (little girl) in the press.

At 17:40 crown prince Frederik met the press for 5 minutes. He told them he got teary at the birth but he hadn't been as scared as the first time since he knew better what to expect. His daughter had a lot of dark hair. They didn't know the child's sex beforehand. Labour took 6 hours and went smoothly. Mary was doing fine, all considered. Frederik also told the reporters Christian would only be visiting the next day, as it was near his bedtime. Queen Margrethe and prince Henrik were with him at Fredensborg.

The midwife gave some more praise of the crown prince couple and told the press Mary had received an epidural.

Mary phoned her sisters and brother in Australia to give them the news. Their friends received a text message. Prince Joachim had a bouquet of pink flowers sent over to Mary in the afternoon.

Later that night there was a 21 gun salute for the new Danish princess.

At night queen Margrethe & prince Henrik came to visit, just like Peter & Caroline Heering and Jeppe & Birgitte Handwerk. They left around 21:30.

Margrethe's birthday

16 April 2007

Mary, Frederik & Christian joined queen Margrethe and the rest of the family on the balcony of Amalienborg palace when she was sung and cheered to for her 67th birthday.

It was Mary's last public appearance before giving birth to Isabella, 5 days later.

The same day before leaving for Copenhagen, Mary, Frederik & Christian had been seen walking in Fredensborg park.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Fredensborg Fakkeltog

12 April 2007

Crown prince Frederik and crown princess Mary joined queen Margrethe to welcome the participants in the torchlight procession that marks the return of the Danish queen to her summer residence, Fredensborg palace.

Mary would give birth to her second child 9 days later.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Easter at Marselisborg

5th April 2007

Frederik, Mary and Christian joined queen Margrethe and prince Henrik for a few days at the castle of Marselisborg.

They went to the Easter service at Aarhus cathedral together, accompanied by prince Joachim.

Also spotted at Marselisborg were John Donaldson, Susan Moody and Joachim's new girlfriend, Marie Cavallier.

Mary was 8,5 months pregnant with her second child.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Christian starts daycare

30 March 2007

Crown prince Frederik & pregnant crown princess Mary posed for the press with their son, prince Christian (18 months old) on his first day at daycare.

Mary wore a new top by Etro.

Christian started at Dronning Louises Børnehus in Fredensborg. His backpack was a promo model from "Fri for mobberi", the anti-bullying campaign launched by Mary a few weeks earlier.

Mary told the press Christian wouldn't be coming all day every day, but that they wanted him to be in contact with other children his age.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Skin Cancer Prevention

20 March 2007

As patron of the Danish Cancer Society, crown princess Mary launched a skin cancer prevention campaign at Børnehave Sommerfuglen in Gentofte.

She read "En bog om solen" to the toddlers. This book was written by Swedish Pernilla Stalfelt and contains a foreword by crown princess Mary.

Mary was 8 months into her second pregnancy. She was accompanied by Caroline Heering, her lady-in-waiting.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

A Conference on conferences

18 March 2007

At 8 months into her second pregnancy, crown princess Mary was present at the opening of the "Professional Education Conference" - a European conference on organizing events & conferences -  at Bella Center in Copenhagen.

Mary was accompanied by Caroline Heering, her lady-in-waiting.

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