Monday, 4 January 2016

1015 København K

Mid-October 2007 Danish journalist Trine Villeman published a book on the Danish royal family called "1015 København K – et kærligt/kritisk portræt af kongehuset" (referring to the postal code of Amalienborg).

It quickly became a bestseller, relating known and unknown details of the private lives of the Danish royals, often in a dramatic and sensationalist tone: from Margrethe's lacking qualities as a young mother, Frederik's difficult teenage years to Joachim and Alexandra's unhappy marriage.

Some new facts about Mary's early days in Denmark were revealed:

* Mary had a hard time accepting that Frederik was still in touch with his Danish ex-girlfriends and their families. Her insecurity about this culminated in tears when they were at the Ritz in Paris somewhere in 2003, for the 40th birthday of Ulrik Garde Due. When Frederik leaned over to talk to his ex, Bettina Ødum with whom he was dancing, Mary thought he was kissing her and burst into tears on the dance floor. Bettina was at the party with her fiancé Kim Bernov and went over to Mary, but she refused to talk to her. The next day Frederik attended the birthday luncheon on his own.

* Moving to the other side of the world and having to fit into Frederik's 'dysfunctional family' was hard for Mary.

* After the birth of their two children, Mary 'locked herself up' at home to care for her children while Frederik still enjoyed nights out with friends. This caused some strain on the couple.

Villeman also deplored the fact the Mary had become a stiff, nearly overly professional princess, and missed the spontaneous Mary Donaldson the Danes had seen at the start of her time in Denmark.

Villeman's book was translated into English in 2008 for the Australian market.


  1. It's funny, because even having no sense of what is true or not in this book, I have the idea somewhere along the way Mary lost spontaneity and incorporated the perfect and flawless princess. And I understand why this happened. For me Mary, is a perfectionist who takes her obligations very seriously. She is sometimes accused of being snobbish and cold, but it's all a mask. Proof of this was the recent pictures in Australia, during the holidays, where we saw a bit of the old Mary Donaldson again. Relaxed, happy, natural .... I believe that F & M already had their difficult moments, as any couple, but they love each other truly. But before the public they play a role, where unfortunately the best of them, not always comes up. Still, Mary is my favorite princess, because I can see beyond the mask of perfection. And I see a simple, devout and passionate woman who simply want to perform her the best she can. And I also see a true love story in there! Fred was a big boy for a while, even after the wedding and the kids. Mary was a rock on his side, and I'm sure part of the reason he is who he is these days.

  2. Yes, and we can't forget just how hard it must be to come from a normal, everyday background to a royal household. She's had to learn a new culture, a new language and a new way of life and she had little time to do it.

    I think the last few years we have seen Mary blossom and get much more comfortable with her role. It's been ten years.


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