Sunday, 7 February 2016

Julemærker 2007

29 October 2007

Crown princess Mary was present at Tivoli's restaurant "Grøften" for the official presentation of the new christmas seals.

Mary wore a new "Roxy" pendant by Marianne Dulong. It's a shorter version of the other "Roxy" she already owned:

Eight girls from the Christmas seal home in Horbro were allowed to talk to their patron. 

"Will you have more children?"
"Are you rich?"
"What are Isabella and Christian doing now?"

Mary answered she didn't know whether she would have more children, but she would like to, if there was time for it.
Whether she was rich, crown princess Mary answered, "Yes, in a way, but not as rich as the Queen." She als said both her children were at home napping.

This event was the first on which she was officially accompanied by her new lady-in-waiting, Tanja Doky.

Caroline Heering was from now on Mary's private secretary and represented Mary within the new Maryfonden. She would still accompany Mary on events that were related to the Mary Foundation.

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