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Tanja Elise Kjærsgaard

Tanja Elise Kjærsgaard Doky (mostly just called "Tanja Doky") was Mary's lady-in-waiting from October 2007 untill May 2015.

In 2010 she also became Mary's private secretary.

Tanja studied languages and economics at Handelshøjskolen in Århus. Previous to her position at court, Tanja had been a communications advisor at Mærsk Line. She had also worked in PR for various firms in New York.

Tanja has been part of Mary's inner circle of Danish friends since her arrival in Denmark. Tanja was one of the guests at Mary's 30th birthday party at Amalienborg palace in 2002.

Tanja was married to jazz musician Chris Minh Doky, a close friend of Frederik's and thus a personal friend of the crown prince couple. In 2015 however the Doky marriage ended.

photo © Agnès Colbert

Tanja and her ex husband have two children: daughter Frida Ahn (°2003) and son Milo Tai (°2004).

At the same time her marriage ended, Tanja started a relationship with Christian Schonau, ???. This made her quit her job as Mary's lady-in-waiting. She the became head of communication for Mærsk Container Industry.

 photos below © Agnès Colbert


After having had her own home at about 500 meters from Christian's, Tanja moved in with him on the grounds of Amalienborg palace. Since then she's Mary's closest neighbour. 

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  1. Those are some great pics of Tanya. I didn't know her marriage had ended, I wonder if this had anything to do with her leaving her LIW position. Nor did I know she was her secretary too (I thought this was Caroline's role? did Mary then have 2 secretaries, or did Caroline resign?)


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