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Lene Balleby

1 January 2008

On the first of January, Lene Balleby started as the new Head of Communications at Danish Court, replacing Lis M. Frederiksen after 4 years of service. She's court's official spokesperson. Lene Balleby is still occupying this function today.

Balleby's job has been a very succesful one. She's managed to create and maintain a global image of Frederik and Mary as a down to earth loving couple, yet also giving them a professional image.

In Mary's case the focus has shifted from fashion and horses to Danish social causes, UN ambassadorships and support for women in third world countries. The obvious fact that a lot of money goes into Mary's impressive wardrobe has become a non topic because of a succesful "branding" of Mary's stylish representation of Denmark and the dignified preparation for her future role of queen.

photos below ©Agnès Colbert

Lene Balleby (°1958) is married to economist Erik Brink Andersen. They have two daughters and live in Hellerup.

                                   © Agnès Colbert

Balleby started her professional life as a teacher, but undertook a course in journalism in 1987. Later she also followed a management course at the Scandinavian International Management Institute in Copenhagen. 

Balleby previously worked as communications expert for Hafnias Bank and media concern Egmont. She then worked for the Danish embassy in Washington where she skillfully managed the "Mohammed cartoons" crisis in 2005.

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