Friday, 17 June 2016

Mary Fonden: Sammen mod Mobning

28 March 2008

Crown princess Mary officially launched the first project of the Mary Foundation: the anti buyllying project at the Peder Lykke School in Amager, Copenhagen.

Caroline Heering acted as lady-in-waiting.

The campaign, based on an existing Australian model, was supported by the Ministry of Education and over time implemented in many Danish schools.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Flammen og Citronen

25 March 2008

At 20:00 crown prince Frederik and crown princess Mary were at Imperial Biograf in Copenhagen for the gala premiere of the Danish film "The Flame and the Lemon" about two Danish WWII resistence heroes.

Among the guests were lead actor Mads Mikkelsen and Elisabeth Bomhoff who housed one of the reistence members during the war. She welcomed the princely couple with flowers and had a chat with them.

Frederik & Mary were accompanied by Per Thornit and his wife, Ulla.

Mary wore a new Prada dress and new Prada pumps.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Easter Days 2008

20-23 March 2008

The crown princely couple and their two children spent four days around Easter with queen Margrethe and prince Henrik at Marselisborg castle.

They attended the Easter service together at Aarhus cathedral.

Henrik, Mary and Frederik left at the end of the service and before communion. The Queen stayed to receive communion. 

Also on Easter Monday, Frederik & Mary accompanied the queen and prince for a service at the cathedral. They were accompanied by Peter Parkov.

On Monday afternoon Mary & family drove back to Fredensborg taking a ferry to Odden. While waiting for the ferry Frederik, Christian and Ziggy were seen at the quay skipping stones over the water whereas Mary stayed in the car with Isabella. At Fredensborg the family took a walk in the park the same afternoon.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Prince Christian Fellowship

18 March 2008

The Crown Princess was present for the first distribution of The Prince Christian Fellowship at The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences, Copenhagen.

The Prince Christian Fellowship was established by the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute to honour the birth of Prince Christian, and was given to Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik.

It enables Danish scientists or doctors to spend at least one year working and training at one of Australia's leading biomedical research institutes located in Sydney.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Student Revue

15 March 2008

At 17:00 crown princess Mary attended a Student Revue performance in Copenhagen, in which she was made a member of the Revue.

This independent company, with semiprofessionel or amateur actors works for free. It was named 'Royal Mayestais Acteurs' by King Christian X in the 1920s, when he was active in the Student Society.

She was accompanied by Carina Axelsson and lady-in-waiting, Tanja Doky. Carina & Gustav were staying at Kancellerihuset for prince Joachim's upcoming stag do.

Mary wore a new ring by Marianne Dulong.

She was presented with a membership sash of KMA by the president.

As tradition apparantly dictates, Mary had to be on the stage herself in order to become an honorary member. She had two lines:

Mary: "We have incidentally received the results of the text message vote among the audience".
Actress: "Oh,... What was the result"?
Mary: 120 votes were cast. 100 were blank and 20 said: Don't know".

And she had to answer 2 questions correctly.

Mary was then presented with the ribbon of revue by the president of the student revue, Søren Thorborg.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Australian Evening

12 March 2008

The crown princely couple attended the Australian Evening hosted by The Royal Copenhagen Shooting Society at the Sølyst Residence in Klampenborg that houses the Society.

Mary was the only woman present. She wore a new gown by Heartmade.

A Different Kind of Portrait

11 March 2008

Australian artist James Brennan reveiled a no nonsense take on Frederik & Mary's family life in this new portrait.

The work, entitled "The Official Portrait of the Danish Royal Family" won the satirical  Bald Archy portrait prize

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Meeting with Hjerneskadeforeningen

5 March 2008

Crown princess Mary had a meeting with one of her patronages, the Danish Brain Injury Association.

It was a meeting without the press, where Mary was briefd on the Association's activities. She was accompanied by lady-in-waiting Tanja Doky.

European Rare Disorders Day

29 February 2008

As patron of Sjældne Diagnoser, crown princess Mary handed out the Sjældne-Prisen at Copenhagen's city hall.

Mary's new brooch was a design by goldsmith Marie von Lotzbeck, who is also involved in this cause.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Neil Young

28 February 2008

Frederik & Mary were spotted at a Neil Young concert at Falconer Center in Copenhagen. They were accompanied by friends, among them Henrik Tvede from the cult group 'Led Zeppelin Jam'

They were seated on the 7th row.

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