Monday, 11 July 2016

Anti-Bullying Conference Day

5 April 2008

Crown princess Mary took part in a conference on bullying at Copenhagen's DR-byen, organized by The Minister of Education. She was assisted by Caroline Heering.

Actor Peter Mygind was the presenter of the day.

Mary carried a new tote bag by Bottega Veneta.

The Mary Foundation joined local politicians, administration heads, school managers, teachers, educators, parents and pupils on this informative day about bullying and better well-being for everybody.

Mary pronounced a 12 minute speech.

" (...) I’ve often been asked whether I have been bullied or have taken part in bullying myself, since I am so passionate about the subject. I’ve experienced teasing, but bullying is something different. Something much worse. I think I have not been conscious about bullying, which probably made me a passive onlooker in the larger group of children, because I’m certain bullying also took place in my school. What really affects me is to see a child, who cannot understand why he or she is not allowed to join in, who is kept out. That’s why I feel so strongly about everyone having a right to belong, a basic concept that is in direct contrast to bullying. (...)"

She also took part in 2 workshops.

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