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Visit to Iceland: day 1

5 May 2008

Crown prince Frederik and crown princess Mary made a 5-day visit to Iceland. They were the guests of president Olafur Ragnar Grimsson and his wife, Israeli born Dorrit Moussaieff.

Mary and Frederik were accompanied by Per Thornit and Tanja Doky.

Just before noon they arrived in Reykjavik.

Frederik said: "I've been here four-five times in connection with the Navy. This time Mary is with me and I'm really delighted about that. It's lovely to share the experiences and we look very much forward to start the exiting shedule. To get out in the nature but also to see the historic places which my ancestors, the Danish kings have visited. We have for many years talked about going to Iceland together. Now it has finally come true".

After the official reception there was a lunch for 30 guests.

At 13:30 they visited Áslands School in Hafnarfjörður.

At 14:20 Mary visited the Culture House.

Afterwards there were also short visits to a Design Center and to the University.

At 16:30 they stopped at the Sigurjóns Ólafssonar art gallery.

At 19:30 Mary wore a new Nina Ricci gown for the gala dinner, in the company of 80 dignitaries.

Mary wore the pink version of her monogrammed Cenius & Bach earrings for the first time in public.

For the duration of the visit, the crown princes stayed in the Presidential guest house.

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