Monday, 15 August 2016

Visit to Iceland: day 3

7 May 2008

11:00 - Visit to the Grunnskóli Stykkishólms School.

Mary wore the trousers suit version of her Prada suit:

One of the pupils asked Frederik if he ever had any gay tendencies. It took a few seconds for the question to sink in.

When the question was repeated and translated Mary and Frederik had to laugh. Frederik answered: "Probably not. Not that I know of."

11:45 - Visit to the Water Museum

12:10 - Visit to a local museum, located in a restored merchant house
13:05 - Sailing trip on a boat, with lunch onboard

Mary wore a new bonnet by Susanne Juul.

17:30 - Reception onboard the Danish patrol-frigate ship Vædderen in the Reykjavik harbour.

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