Saturday, 8 October 2016

Granbohus + Crown princess Mary Scholarship

22 May 2008

At 10:00 crown princess Mary and her lady-in-waiting, Tanja Doky visited "Granbohus" in Fredensborg.

This holiday and leisure centre for children with a disability celebrated its 50 years of existence.

In the afternoon, at 15:00, Mary had another activity on the agenda: the handing out of the "Crown princess Mary Scholarship" at Copenhagen University.

She was still wearing a bracelet that had been given to her by one of the children at Granbohus.

The scholarship went to Kylie Wilson and Kate Griffiths, who were allowed to study for six months at Copenhagen University.

In her speech Mary said: "Given we have grown up in Australia and therefore perhaps share many of the same values and outlooks on life, I am almost certain that you are loving your time here and have very quickly become attached to the Danish way of life. As I immediately did. It is always interesting to hear from other Australians their thoughts on living and studying in Denmark. What they like and don’t like. What the similarities/differences are between the two countries. And what they have learnt about themselves or their own culture. Often when I have spoken with earlier Scholarship recipients we have discovered that we share similar observations."

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