Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Mary Fonden: Domestic Violence

12 June 2008

Crown princess Mary and her lady-in-waiting, Caroline Heering were at a women's shelter in Copenhagen to present the new theme Mary Fonden would be focussing on, apart from bullying among children: violence against women.

Mary gave a speech to the gathered journalists.

"Vi har identificeret, at der i Danmark er stort tabu om vold i hjemmet. Og det vil vi gerne være med til at ændre. Vi håber at kunne give disse kvinder og børn en ny chance."

Then Mary was given a tour of the shelter.

Photos taken by Steen Brogaard of Mary helping to pack LEGO sponsored rucksacks for children who have been suddenly put in unfamiliar surroundings (such as a woman's shelter) were released to the press.

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