Saturday, 5 November 2016

Wedding of Marie Louise Flamand and Marc Høm

14 June 2008

Mary & Frederik were among the 150 guests at the wedding of Marie-Louise Flamand and Marc Høm in Fakse.

Marie Louise Flamand is Caroline Heering's younger sister. She studied psychology. Marc Høm (°1967) is a fashion and portrait photographer who also did official portraits of the Danish crown prince & crown princess for German Vogue. The couple two sons, Winston (°2013) and Alfred (°2010), and lives in New York. Marc Høm has another son from a previous relationship, Adrian Høm (°2000).

Mary wore a new dress and shawl by Heartmade and new Marianne Dulong gold, diamond and blue larimar earrings.

With Eva Kruse, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week.
Talking to actress Connie Nielsen.

Caroline Heering and her mother, countess Helle Moltke.
Tanja Doky.
Julie Fagerholdt.

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  1. Like the dress but definitely not the prom like up do


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