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Skagen Holidays

Midst of July 2008

On the second lap of their summer holidays, Frederik, Mary and their two children spent time with friends on the Danish coast - in Skagen en Blokhus. In Skagen they stayed with Christian & Elisabeth Buchwald and their 3 teenage children.



They visited the beach twice with the children, but the weather was rather bad.

Isabella being carried by Andreas Buchwald - and later by his mom, Elisabeth Buchwald. Because Mary & co were staying at the Buchwald's holiday home, there was no room for a nanny.

At the beach in Skagen with Malou & Jorgen Skeel who also have a holiday home in the coastal town.


A game of football amongst the men.


Mary and Frederik went to a party at Ruth's Hotel one evening.
With the children, they visited Fårup Summerland, a family amusement park.


At Blokhus, the 23rd of July.

Malou Skeel went over to the paparazzi and asked them not to use the photos of Christian when he's in his swimsuit or naked. This resulted in He og Hør editor-in-chief Henrik Qvortrup phoning to Lene Balleby to discuss the matter. It's clear Mary was furious over this breach of privacy. In the end the magazine did publish the photos - which resulted in the crown princely family boycotting the Graasten summer shoot, although the official version was they got stuck in traffic and were too late for the shoot.

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