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Interview with Alt for Damerne

13 November 2008

When she receieved the Alt for Damerne Women's Prize, Mary agreed to being interviewed by the magazine.

For the photo shoot, Mary wore a new blouse by Rikke Mai.

"I hope that when people see me as a style icon, they mean something deeper than the clothes I am wearing"

"I clearly remember my mother did everything for her children"

In the interview Mary tells a story about a private holiday to Australia where their luggage was delayed:
Mary: "We arrived in the north of Australia from Denmark in winter clothes. It was awful. It was 35 degrees celsius, and we only had the clothes we were wearing. I thought: This can't be true. But we just had to accept it. I think it took 48 hours before we got our luggage. Luckily we were on holiday, so we went to some cheap shops and bought shorts, T-shirts and sleeveless shirts".

About not always being dressed impeccably:
Mary: "When I drop Christian off at kindergarden, I am sometimes wearing a track suit. There has to be space for such things, but preferably in private, away from the media".

The crown princess doesn't conceal that she has been afraid of her new role when she became engaged to the crown prince a little over five years ago:
Mary: "Of course I have been afraid. I was thrown into a completely new world. But again: It's there that you have to believe in yourself. There is a reason that I am here. But of course I have been insecure along the way. It's only human. I have had butterflies in my stomach, a lot of them! But I have my husband's support".

On top of her new role, Mary also had to learn a new language, and it hasn't always been easy.
Mary: "At the start it was a huge challenge. At home we speak Danish. I ought to speak English with Christian and Isabella but actually it doesn't happen that often. We sing in English and read stories in English, and Christian has some understanding of the English language. He and I ought to speak only English together, but it's difficult when everything around us happens in Danish. Actually I am a little surprised that it feels so natural to me to speak Danish with my children".

What has happened to the woman 'Mary' since you became the crown princess of Denmark?
Mary: "Naturally, I have become older and more experienced. I am married and have 2 children and I live in another country and have many new friends. A new career you might say. But I am still the same Mary. I have not changed my values or what I believe in: honesty, empathy, tolerance, being open to others and understanding other people's differences. And I am still the same person to my family and friends. I have just been through a natural development which has happened simoultaneously with the destiny that was given to me".

How do you feel about receiving the Alt for Damerne Kvindepris?
Mary: "I am very proud and honoured to receive the award from Alt for Damerne Magazine. I am incredibly happy to receive this recognition for the way I fulfill my role. It means a lot to me - more than I'd have thought. When I engage in my work I don't always take in the positive response I get. I am not so good at receiving praise. I hear it, but I don't really take it in."

Are you religious?
Mary: "Yes, I am. It calms me. Especially when I lost my mother it managed to give me some sense of meaning and comfort in a period of sorrow and pain."

Crown princess Mary says that like any mother and wife, she too worries. None the less she tries to live in the present. A wise man once said "I had a lot of worries that never amounted to anything". She doesn't want to speak about her future role as queen of Denmark.
Mary: "Right now I try to grow within the role I have here and now. My mother-in-law, the queen, is strong and healthy and she has a lot of energy. She loves what she's doing. I admire how engaged she is. I try to focus on the present and I don't want to think too far ahead. It's impossible to know how I will feel when the time comes and how far I will have come as a human being by then".

How do you hang on to your love for each other when the media tries to interfere all the time?
Mary: "By being yourself. You cannot play a role. The media are often there and of course we aren't always pleased to see them. But that doesnt mean that we stop doing things we want to do. When it comes to the sensational press - well the fact is that my husband and I know each other. We can look each other in the eyes and say: this is simply not true. We try to turn it around and then we move on".

Crown prince Frederik has been quoted saying that Mary is the miracle of his life. The crown princess beams with joy as she is reminded of it.
Mary: "Veeery poetic. It is lovely when your husband is great at expressing himself emotionally - It is just lovely".

Is he the miracle of your life?
Mary: "If I am to use his words and the meaning of his words - then yes. Perhaps I would not phrase it like that myself, but he is the love of my life. And what we have together - the fact that we found each other and have 2 children - means there are lots of little miracles".

What is it in crown prince Frederik's view on life that's special to you?
Mary: "I mirror myself in some of his values and perceptions. I draw nourishment from some of them you might say. Those values that I might not have so much myself and that I admire. We have lots of different qualities but we also have many shared values and qualities. He is a very open and honest human being. All the qualities that I appreciate so much - He has them. And I love his outlook on life. He is so positive. He has that can do attitude that I love so much".

How do you keep the love alive?
Mary: "By being alive I guess. It is easy when you are happy and content. Naturally, there are challenges along the way, but what we have together is something that we hold very dear. And we want to make sure it stays that way. The fact that we have two small children makes it even easier. To see these two small human beings that we have created out of love ... It's as if our love grows like a tree".

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