Friday, 19 January 2018

Midnight Tiara

Between 2009 and 2013, crown princess Mary used Charlotte Lynggaard's 'Midnight Tiara'.

The tiara is made of silver, oxydized silver, white gold, moonstones and pavé set diamonds. It's colours are remeniscent of moonshine.

The tiara was created in 2009 and its first public display was at the exhibition “The Tiara – Queen of Jewels, Jewel of Queens” held at the Amalienborg Museum between March and August 2009.

In June it was taken from the exhibition to be used by Mary at the gala for the 75th birthday of prince Henrik. 

Since then she wore it at 2 other oaccasions, as an alternative for her 2 other tiaras: the diamond wedding tiara and the tiara from queen Ingrid's ruby set.

The Midnight Tiara has a shopvalue of about € 200,000. However it is not for sale, as the Ole Lynggaard jewellers company reserves its exclusive right of use to crown princess Mary. The jewellers retain the wonership of the tiara - it has not been sold.


  1. This is great! As tiaras go, it is usual because of the color and yet it is so very beautiful. Thank you for the information.



  2. I like it best with the teal dress! Wish she would wear it again


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