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Sculpture by the Sea 2009

5 June 2009

Crown prince Frederik & crown princess Mary were present at Tangkrogen Park in Aarhus for the opening of 'Sculpture by the Sea''s first edition. The couple had seen the Australian edition in 2000 and had talked about it to the mayor of Aarhus.

Tanja Doky was present as lady-in-waiting.

Mary wore new earrings by JEWLSCPH.

In his speech, Frederik spoke about how he and Mary saw a similar sculpture festival at Bondi Beach in 2000, "The first time I saw Sculpture by the Sea, I was sold, but mostly I was sold to Mary. Back then we were probably mostly friends, buy I reconned much more coulc come from it. The exhibition started by stirring something. It started like a dream and here we have the result of the gamble". - which made Mary laugh.

The they visited the expo. Mary put on different shoes.

In the evening, Frederik & Mary attended a reception at Hotel Helnan Marselis with 300 local dignitaries, cultural personalities and the artists who provided the scultures.

Mary wore a new dress by Hugo Boss and new pumps by Prada.

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