Friday, 5 January 2018

Visit to Flensburg

6 May 2009

Crown prince Frederik and crown princess Mary spent 5 hours on German soil, visiting the Danish minority population of Schleswig-Holstein for the 3rd time since Mary's transformation to crown princess. They travelled by helicopter.

This time they visited the city Flensburg. 

Mary carried a new clutch by Rika.

Caroline Heering accompanied them as Mary's lady-in-waiting.

When visiting the Danish kindergarten, a girl asked whether Mary cooks for her family, or if that's done by her lady-in-waiting ("No, we don't cook every day." Frederik: "She bakes Australian coconut cookies with our children"), if Mary has gold shoes ("Yes, but they're not made from real gold, that would be too heavy") and whether she has tiaras ("Yes, I have 2 tiaras, one that's white and red, and another that's white with many diamonds that sparkle").

The couple was very relaxed and spontaneous during their visit to the kindergarten. 


  1. Her burgundy clutch is not an Alexander McQueen design, but from Rika :)


  2. Thank you, I've adapted the brand!


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